Three reasons to commission a homebuyers survey

Three reasons to commission a homebuyers survey

A homebuyers survey can be reassuring, or it can flag problems you need to know before taking the plunge to buy. Here are three reasons why it’s one of the best investments you can make in the property purchasing process.

The Homebuyer basics

The RICS homebuyers survey involves a visual examination of the property you’re looking to purchase, taking note of external and internal structure and condition. It’s not intrusive, so nothing will be moved, lifted or dismantled in any way. It will report on any damp, subsidence, potentially dangerous issues and areas that require immediate attention or further investigation.

1. It supplies a realistic valuation

Some surveys will include a valuation based upon the findings, taking into account the property’s condition along with prices of similar properties in that area and current market trends. If it includes a valuation and you require a mortgage, ensure that your mortgage lender will accept it first.

Three reasons to commission a homebuyers survey

If they don’t, you may be required to pay for a separate mortgage valuation undertaken by a surveyor from the lender’s accepted panel. Whether or not your survey includes a specific valuation, you’ll also be made aware as to what potential work may need to be done, which you can factor into any offer you decide to make.

2. It supports your budget

With a homebuyers survey, you’ll know before you get too far through the purchasing process whether there are areas of concern. Not only can that prevent you from offering more than the property is worth, but it can forewarn you of any repairs and upgrades you may need to undertake and factor into your budget.

It’s important to choose a quality conveyancer you can trust, and when you’re looking for a report, such as a home buyers survey Berkshire and other locations have specialists enabling you to request one online, for example at https://www.samconveyancing.co.uk/Homebuyers-Survey/Home-Buyers-Survey-Berkshire.

3. It provides reassurance

If any issues are reported, then you’ll know in advance so you’re not buying blind. You’ll be positioned to make an informed decision as to whether to make an offer, renegotiate, or pull out of the purchase entirely. However, some reports will be reassuring and give you peace of mind when no significant issues are identified. This can back up your judgement and give you confidence that you’re making the right decision.