The Advantages of Crowdsource Software Testing

The Advantages of Crowdsource Software Testing

In any software development cycle, testing is vital. Business, reputation and security depend on it. A clean, bug-free design and smooth function is essential, whether it’s an internal system, a web system, Property Inventory Software, a mobile app or a game.

According to an article in the Software Development Times Jason Hammon, director of product management at TechExcel highlights how application development cycles are becoming shorter and shorter, and the number of platforms being developed for them is increasing. In some cases, new builds of mobile apps are being released on an almost daily basis. This makes testing much more of a challenge. For example property inventory software from inventory base was rigorously tested for its suitability in the marketplace before being made available to landlords etc.

Crowdsource software testing is proving to be a flexible and affordable alternative to testing in house. With a potential pool of thousands of testers worldwide to draw on, crowdtesting brings its own unique solution to coping with increases in the pace of development cycles and the number of platforms.

A wider net to catch the bugs

As defined in, the crowdsource testing approach allows developing software to be tested by broad groups of people around the globe, ranging from professional developers to hobbyists. Whether the software is web, app based or gaming, It opens up the possibility for the product to be tried out under a wider variety of conditions. This means that there is a greater chance of bugs and glitches being found that might not otherwise have been picked up on, had the software been tested by a small team in house. With a larger group of people to draw from, software can be tested on a wider range of platforms and devices. By having their software tested out in the real world by real users in this way, developers have a much better insight into how the software is performing.

A quicker turnaround

The greater number of testers available through the crowdsource approach means that the project can be completed in a much shorter period of time, reducing the count to a matter of days, rather than weeks. And of course, with access to a larger amount of people, software can be tested on a wider number of platforms than an internal team of two or three could manage.

It’s not just the software that gets tested, either. The diversity within the crowd means that localisation requirements are covered too, such as translation and cultural requirements. Bugfinders can assign the right crowd to assist, matching their customers’ needs. Their software testing services include, among other things, helping to customise the project, as well as providing a team of hundreds of testers, meaning that web or mobile apps can be exhaustively tested in well under a week. Bug reports and metrics start coming in within hours of the project being set up.

The flexibility, speed and affordability of testing by the crowd is a solution that is well worth consideration.