How A Lesbian Can Have Pleasurable Sex with Trans Woman?

It is a norm in the society that sex involves a vagina and a penis, so there is lots of guidance regarding the variety of sex positions and techniques to be enjoyed. So, people find it queer and curious about how a lesbian can have a sexual relationship with a partner having male genitals. Transgender sex concentrates on anal but there are many ways a trans lesbian can involve their penis without triggering gender dysphoria.

A girl to girl relationship with an escort trans can be thrilling. Trans lesbian can be booked from escort websites like LOveSita. This escort agency is popular in Paris. If you desire for trans lesbian sex, then first determine what you need like what is the sexiest part of your body and how you desire to handle it as well as what kind of language you prefer.


Communication is essential in any kind of intimacy. Discuss with your partner clearly about what you wish to use for genitals. Your partner may be struggling with dysphoria and may not be helpful. So, talk!

Discuss having safe sex. There is a possibility that trans women who did not undergo surgery can make their partner pregnant. For oral sex make use of dental dams.

Types of touch

A penis is similar to clits but bigger. It means the penis and clits are sensitive to touch, which can help to avoid the feel of dysphoria. Pleasure the penis with hands or mouth moving up and down is a default way but there are many techniques to try.

The majority of trans women are using hormone replacement medication, so their penis is soft but sexy. A partner can cajole it in the same way as a hard penis. Here think of the erogenous areas and sensitive spots. Touch can be felt deeper because there is no tissue filled with blood.

Hand-sex – Silicone-based lubes are great. With your lubricated hands cup her entire scrotum and penis. Give it a massage. Curve her shaft to the belly and explore the underside with your greasy fingers.

Massage the head with your thumb. All such motions will create a wonderful sensation. Remember to communicate. Get to know what she likes and if she desires an intense pressure or gentle squeeze. Stronger vibrators can also be used at the underside, base, and tip of the penis.

Oral sex – Oral sex with a T-women having a penis is different. Techniques may be similar but you need to concentrate on erogenous zones with tongue and suction. Penis tip is sensitive, so use tongue on its underside in circles.

Cup the bottom with your mouth and suck. Even press your tongue to the base alternatively. Try friction and suction, which causes more pleasure.

External prostate stimulation – Prostate is within the groin. It is between the anus and end of testicles. It is a lot like G-spot. Anal sex is used to stimulate these nerves but even tongue and finger on the perineum can do the trick. The orgasms are long and powerful.

Adjust your pressure and angle to locate the P-spot. Even a vibrator can be used to stimulate the P-spot. It works and is a great way to fight dysphoria.