Five ways to add Scandi-cool to your summer wardrobe

Five ways to add Scandi-cool to your summer wardrobe

Although it’s undeniably timeless, the Scandi aesthetic is extremely on-trend right now. Have a read of the top five tips below to make sure you nail the look.

Invest in your style

Mixing and matching is one of the key components of the Scandi look. Make sure you have a collection of jeans, pumps, basic t-shirts, elegant blouses, and a leather or suede tote bag in your wardrobe so that you can throw together a stylish outfit effortlessly. Invest in key pieces like the bag or the shoes to make the outfit timeless and chic.

Add colour and print

You may think Scandi style is all about neutrals, and that’s mostly true, however, bolder prints, colours and textures are on the up. Think of the boldly patterned Scandi knitwear that’s been all the rage on the high street recently. Yellow, blue and pink are now staples worn alongside classic neutrals in the typical Scandi wardrobe. Keep things stylish by opting for a popping print in a classic cut.

Five ways to add Scandi-cool to your summer wardrobe


One of the key elements to a minimalist Scandi look is layering. Try pairing basic t-shirts with oversized cardigans, or sleeveless summer dresses https://www.axparis.com/collections/summer-dresses with white shirts. Layering is the reason it’s great to have a solid collection of basics in your wardrobe. If you’re feeling adventurous you could even try layering your bags – not only is this practical in terms of compartmentalisation, it’s a look that has been all over the catwalks lately, and is a firm Scandinavian favourite.

Go for practicality

Practicality, flair and comfort is the holy trinity for every Scandinavian woman. Nowhere is this combination more important than shoes. Minimalist sandals, backless mules and modern slip-ons are the go-tos to achieve that effortless Scandi look. Scandi style is all about valuing quality and comfort equally, so invest in a pair of chic shoes that you’d be happy to wear all day.


Accessories are the Scandi woman’s secret weapon. They have the ability to really transform your outfit and are an easy way to lift your style. Using your bag or shoes to dress up or dress down an outfit is a good place to start. Scandi style favours mixing a heel with some jeans for example, or a gorgeous flat with a flowy, tailored suit.