Finer Options for the Best Gifts Here

Finer Options for the Best Gifts Here

Whether it’s highlighters, notebooks, umbrellas, there is a golden rule for giveaways: the better the utility and the higher the quality, the greater the advertising effect. And that is not to be underestimated. According the experts, around 61 percent of advertising media are in use for more than a year. This explains the company’s high retention rate: 59 percent, far ahead of radio advertising with 29 percent and television advertising with 28 percent. You can also go for the Mastercard Gift Card Balance.

The three-dimensional advertising messages have another advantage for companies. They increase sympathy and trust in the company according to the study. Twelve percent of respondents claim that the product has positively changed their image of the company. From the simple Door Gifts to more, the deals are always there.

What you should know about promotional products and tax

Many giveaways for the anonymous mass or few high-quality giveaways are for customers and important prospective customers. This decision must make companies in the selection in advance. Ultimately, the decisive factor is the price – also for tax reasons. For gifts under 10 euros, the company is exempt from the obligation to record. Therefore, 77 percent of German companies spend less than 10 euros per gift. Only 20 percent invest up to 35 dollars: Up to this sum per year and recipient, the article can be claimed as a business expense. High priced is almost never in demand.

How to successfully use promotional products at trade fairs

Companies usually give giveaways on customer visits, at company events or at trade fairs. For companies that distribute gifts at trade shows, a special approach has proven itself. A so-called “trade fair stopper” get first passers-by, who do not know the company, to the booth For example, employees should put drinks or blister plasters in their hands. “But the product should fit the company again – a health food company should not necessarily distribute gummy bears.

  • At the following customer discussion then the company must be presented. If the interlocutor is interested, a second gift will be given to him – better suited to the unique selling point of the company or the newly introduced product. As an example you can think of the Custom Water Bottles.


Finer Options for the Best Gifts HereIt should be important in which way the present is handed over:  The product – and thus the advertising message – should be conveyed as something of value. This gift is much more effective than a business card or brochure pile. The recipient will remember well who gave him the give-away. Always assuming it was light and easy to transport. Because otherwise the bag with the great giveaway will quickly stand at the booth around the corner on the garbage can.

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