Affordable 24 Hr Tow Truck Services at San Antonio

Affordable 24 Hr Tow Truck Services at San Antonio

One of the biggest advantages of car travel on the interstates highways near San Antonio is the 24 hr two truck service. We had the unique opportunity to experience the service efficiency between Atascosa and Bexar. I and my hubby have been traveling frequently on this road for years. So, we have the practical knowledge of the routes and emergency health services on the way. We have all the contact numbers in our smart-phone, which my hubby keeps carefully.

The one thing we forgot to note was an emergency tow truck service. It was solely because of the beautiful Chevrolet car we drove for years. The car is as tough as a bull and as fast as a cheetah. Some and my hubby were always confident of having a free and fast drive wherever we went.

Towing San Antonio – Faster than Chevrolet

We were traveling at a modest speed of 60+ when the early signs of a breakdown started becoming apparent to me. I could sense the engine getting heated up more than it ever did before. I thought of telling my hubby to take a break before going ahead. But I thought it would have no use since my hubby knew our car and its working mechanism well.

Anyway, the breakdown did happen somewhere between Atascosa and Bexar. My hubby pushed the car onto the parking lane and we waited. We tried to stop many of the passing cars to ask for help. Unfortunately, none of them stopped.

We were about to call 911 when the 24 hr tow truck came and stopped near our car. We were surprised to find the service even when we had made no calls to them. Anyway, the team towed our car to the nearest auto center for repairs. Luckily, we didn’t have to wait for a longer time in the cold of the early morning hours.

Affordable 24 Hr Tow Truck Services at San Antonio

Tow Truck San Antonio – Always on Time

The tow truck San Antonio has a vast network of light and heavyweight towing trucks in the services. Most of them are stationed at different locations all along the highways and freeways. They are ready for service 24 hours and seven days a week. I did ask the driver who towed our car about when they have a weekly holiday.  His answer rather surprised me. He said they work round the clock without any break. Then I understood how they can arrive at the breakdown spot at the right time.

24 Hr Tow Truck –Trusted Services

Someone in one of the passing cars had seen our plight and called the 24 hr tow truck service. Of course, we didn’t know who it was, but the service had arrived just in time to help us out of the difficult situation.

Since that incident, we have noted the phone contact of almost every towing San Antonio service available on the highways. We are now sure of getting trusted services on time. So, we are free to travel at any time on the San Antonio highways today.